Board of Directors

The RPIRG Board of Directors is composed of 8 Student Members of RPIRG. It is the decision-making body of RPIRG, which makes all major decisions regarding finances, long-term goals, long-term viability of the organization, staffing, and funding application approval.

RPIRG board members meet once a month, sit on committees which report to the board on matters like staff relations, budgets, events, and funding, and help to run and promote RPIRG events.

Every spring, students vote for their Board of Directors in conjunction with other student group elections. All Student Members of RPIRG who are in good standing will be able to run for a seat on the RPIRG Board of Directors. Typically, terms are two years, and four positions are available every election. This cycle ensures a mix of four out-going and four-incoming members, to ensure continuity and organizational memory on the board.

A warm welcome to our whopping SEVEN new Board Members and welcome back to our returning member, Harvey Gibson!

Meet Our 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Jamie LaRose

Jamie LaRose

I am a second-year International Studies student with a concentration in International Affairs. Also, I am working on a certificate Economics and a certificate in Non-profit Leadership and Innovation.  I am passionate about social justice, environmental sustainability and working together to create change in our communities.  Through the RPIRG board, I hope to make a meaningful impact in our community and on the lives of people in our community. I think RPIRG provides an opportunity to see how others see and experience our world.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, travelling and playing with my dog.


Claire McLellan

IMG_0580Claire McLellan is a third year Environmental Systems Engineering student who recently returned from an 8-month Co-op term in the Environmental Engineering and Project Support Team at Hydro One in Toronto.  Her interest in water right issues and environmental law influenced her to choose her area of studies.  She is passionate about various environmental and social topics including sustainable food systems, water resource management and environmental design.  She attended the CCWEST (Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology) Conference that was held in Regina in 2014.  Outside of her studies she enjoys playing piano, fitness and being outdoors.  As a member of the RPIRG Board of Directors she is looking forward to being more involved with social and environmental justice initiatives around campus.

Lexie Obey

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Lexie is a third year human justice student who is interested in environmental and Indigenous issues in our province. She plans to pursue law school, specializing in indigenous law. Lexie is interested in RPIRG because she believes they are a valuable resource unlike any other university organization that works towards educating individuals about the local and global justice issues.


Catherine Pamisaran

Catherine Pamisaran Photo

Catherine is a second-year student of International Studies, with concentration on International Affairs and working towards her Anthropology minor, and Economics certificate. Whether as a Student Ambassador or an International Peer Advisor, Catherine enjoys contributing to the continued improvement of student experience at the University of Regina. As a member of various organizations, like Amnesty International, she’s been passionate and updated about issues concerning the persecuted minorities around the world, and wants to dedicate a career, finding ways to efficiently allocate international and development aid towards this group. On her spare time, Catherine enjoys reading Asian Literature, and cooking.

Levi Paul

LevLevi Paul is first year Nursing student with a previous degree in Environmental Engineering. Following a small reforestation project and working in the Alberta oilfield he has returned to the UofR to pursue nursing. His primary interests include chronic and cyclical societal issues’ and policies’ impact on health, as well as greater societal and inter-generational issues such as environmentalism, food sustainability, and shifting labour markets. Outside of work and study he is often hiking, painting, gardening, or undertaking DIY projects.

Taya Triffo

Taya Triffo PhotoTaya Triffo is a second-year Campion student, who is pursuing a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, with certificates in Sustainability and in Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation. Involved with UofR Engineers Without Borders and the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation, Taya is passionate about food politics, environmental justice, sustainable urban development, and global systems change. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports, gardening, travelling, and learning new languages. This summer, Taya is looking forward to volunteering with indigenous activists in Guatemala, and to doing a Permaculture Design Certificate with Starhawk – a bestselling author and eco-feminist activist.


Jonny Davies

 IMG_20170303_134302 (1)Hey everyone my name is Jonny Davies, and I am currently in my second year of studies working to attain my human justice degree. One of the reasons why I choose this field was largely because of my interest with Justice and equality. Growing up I found that the mistreatment of others just never sat well with me, and it was not until I started university that I realized as an individual there are so many things that I can do in order to make a difference. No matter how small and I believe that joining RPIRG will be a step in the right direction. One that will introduce me to many different opportunities that will allow me to try and make that little bit of difference.

Harvey Gibson


Harvey Gibson is a 4th year film student. On his own time, he is an outspoken transgender rights advocate, among other many human rights causes, such as racial equality, feminism, and other LGBTQ+ politics. He brings with him years of experience with activism and teaching, as well as passion and dedication to everything he does. Some of his other interests and activities include languages, traveling, horror flicks, and running his management/marketing company. As a member of RPIRG’s board of directors, he hopes to focus his activism in a more succinct and impactful way to help foster meaningful change in Regina.

If you’re interested in the position description, check out the web post HERE.

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