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Open Forum for Student Concerns about the APR

RPIRG, in conjunction with Students Against Austerity – Regina, presents the following forum. As well, scroll down to see related activities leading up to the forum.

Academic Program Review: Open Forum for Student Concerns

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Multipurpose Room, Riddell Centre

By now, many students know that the University of Regina is currently undergoing an Academic Program Review. This is a years-long process where the University is responding to a tightening budget by looking at cutting and/or consolidating many programs that are now offered. This means that in coming years, options for class selections, majors and minors, or even entire degree programs may no longer be available.

Many students are concerned about this. On Thursday the 24th, join us to relay your concerns to Tom Chase, VP Academic and Provost for the APR process. This will be a chance for you to explain your concerns and raise your questions directly to the APR team.

We believe that student input should be a valuable and critical aspect of any decisions made about the future of our University. Make sure your voice is heard.

For background info on what the APR process has done so far, check out the U of R website at http://www.uregina.ca/president/executive-team/provost-vp-academic/academic-program-review/updates.html

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/542180365801400/

Small Group Discussions to learn and share ideas about the APR and university’s future

Wednesday, January 23 in CK 185 at 10:30 and in the URSU boardroom at 1:30 and 3:30.

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Working Group Feature

Fruit for Thought is one of RPIRG’s best-known working groups. Their mission is to create awareness of environmentally sustainable behaviours and reduce food waste while contributing to the community.

This past season, Fruit for Thought harvested over 30 trees in Regina, and somewhere between 2250-3000 lbs of fruit.  They donated apples and processed goods to Transition House, Souls Harbour, Chili for Children, Salvation Army, YWCA, Five Directions and the Food Bank.

Fruit for Thought was recognized by the Regional Centre of Expertise on Sustainable Development on June 7, 2012.  They received acknowledgement for having a project that contributes to creating and raising awareness of sustainable food practices in Saskatchewan.

Email fruitforthought@hotmail.com for more information, or check out their website.


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Apathy into Action: Details Online!

Our annual social justice conference, Apathy into Action, will take place January 17th-19th 2013. The 17th and 18th will feature sessions on various social and environmental issues facing our community, and the 19th will feature full-day training sessions to help prepare you to take on these issues.

All details are now confirmed and online! Take a look at the event page for more information!

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Resources Updated!

Our Resources section has now been updated with materials from past events and current campaigns! If you’re looking for audio or visual materials, background info about an issue, and more, check out our Resources page here.

More updates will be happening periodically, so make sure to check back in the future too!

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Mapping Corporate Power in Saskatchewan: New Report

Have you ever wondered who donates the most money to Saskatchewan’s political parties? And how that might influence decisions?

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, along with RPIRG and the Community Research Unit at the U of R,  have released a new report today.

“Mapping Corporate Power in Saskatchewan” traces the ties between the major corporate contributors to both the Saskatchewan Party and the New Democratic Party, and their links to other corporate interest and advocacy groups. The research demonstrates that Saskatchewan corporations have the networks, the committed leadership, the organization, and the access to government to play a large role in shaping public policy. As record amounts of corporate money flood our political system, Saskatchewan urgently needs a publicly accessible lobbyist registry to let citizens track corporate lobbying. As one of the few provinces that do not currently have a lobbyist registry, Saskatchewan is vulnerable to the perception that corporations have undue influence over both major political parties.

Test your knowledge of corporate influence in Saskatchewan with the interactive quiz.

Read the full report here.


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New Community Pastures Website

An environmental issue bigger than Keystone? The PFRA pastures, more than one and a half million acres of public land, are some of the largest remnants of native prairie and sustainably grazed pasture in Canada. They’re valued for environmental, agricultural, recreational, and spiritual reasons. Now the provincial government has indicated it will sell them.

RPIRG helped put on a public forum that discussed the future of the 62 PFRA community pastures in Saskatchewan. This website follows up on the issue.

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Toolkit Workshop Registration now Open for 2013!

The Toolkit Workshop Series has organized more workshops for Winter 2013, and registration is now open!

Topics are:

  • Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other (a.k.a. Burnout Prevention 101) – January 15
  • Engaging Youth in All You Do – February 12
  •  Research and Evaluation Techniques for Community Organizations – March 28
  • And a workshop on Graphic Design, TBA!

Toolkit Workshops provide exceptional, inexpensive training for people working with community and non-profit organizations, or just the general public. Facilitation is provided by skilled professionals working in the field.


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16 Days of Activism- Event Details Posted!

This year, RPIRG is again participating in the international 16 Days of Activism campaign!

This campaign runs from November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10th, which is International Human Rights Day. These dates were chosen to symbolically link violence against women with human rights violations, and also include other significant days of action around substantial issues.

RPIRG has partnered with the UR Pride Centre, the U of R Women’s Centre, WUSC, and the University of Regina Students’ Union to encourage students to get involved in the University and community events happening in this 16-day span.

Events include bake sales, training workshops, dance parties, and much more! For a full list of events, head to the event page!

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Public Pastures, Public Interest

Everyone is invited to a public forum on the privatization of community pasture lands in Saskatchewan.

Over one million acres  are up for grabs! Have you been consulted?

This forum brings together key stakeholders and the public to discuss the future of community pastures in Saskatchewan.

The morning information session topics include the history and context of the pastures, ecological values and species at risk in the pastures, and First Nations interests in the land. An open mic session will follow.

The noon panel discussion features key stakeholders – pasture employees and patrons, First Nations, and environmental and recreational interests. It will be moderated by Trevor Herriot. Panelists are:

  • Roland Crowe (Piapot First Nation)
  • Mert Taylor (pasture manager)
  • Joanne Brochu (rancher and pasture patron)
  • Lorne Scott (Environmental NGOs representative)

The afternoon session will be moderated by Dennis Arbuthnott. It will begin with an explanation of the First Nations Joint Venture Proposal. A facilitated discussion on the role of the pastures within public policy, working towards resolutions, will follow.
The day’s proceedings are open to all!

Friday, November 23, 8:30-4:30 pm
The Orr Centre, 4400 4th Avenue

Sponsored by Campion College, RPIRG, the University of Regina Departments of Geography and Sociology, APAS, and SM Solutions.

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Grasslands in Peril – a public talk by Candace Savage

Candace Savage, best-selling author of Prairie: A Natural History and A Geography of Blood: Unearthing Memory in a Prairie Landscape is giving a public talk that highlights the heritage of the PFRA pastures.

These pastures, more than one million acres of public land, are some of the largest remnants of native prairie and sustainably grazed pasture that we have. They’re valued for environmental, agricultural, recreational, and spiritual reasons. Now, the provincial government is putting them up for sale or lease.

Join Candace as she explains why these grasslands are important – and should matter – to everyone in Saskatchewan. The talk will be beautifully illustrated by a slide presentation of photographs from these vital grasslands.

Thursday, November 22, at 7:00 pm
Education Auditorium, University of Regina
Free parking in lots 13M and 14M
Candace’s talk is a precursor to Friday’s event: Public Pastures, Public Interest, a public forum and discussion on the future of Saskatchewan’s public grasslands.Sponsored by the University of Regina Departments of Biology, Sociology and Geography, Campion College, RPIRG, APAS, and SM Solutions.


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