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Summer Funding Round – now accepting applications!

If you have an idea for an event, project, or group that would work towards social and environmental justice initiatives, we can help! Any student can submit an application to hold an event, bring in a speaker, have a rally, throw a gala, go to a conference, host a workshop, or any number of things that promote a social or environmental justice issue.

You can find application forms and examples of successful applications here: www.rpirg.org/funding

The deadline for applications for the summer funding round is June 30.

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Generating Momentum 2013 Registration Now Open!

Looking for a great opportunity this summer to meet and connect with other young leaders in Saskatchewan?

GenMo posterSCIC and RPIRG are excited to open registration for our 4th annual Generating Momentum: Activist Leadership Training Camp! If you are 18 to 29 years of age and are passionate about social, global, and environmental justice, this camp is for you!

This year, the camp will be held at Camp Easter Seal, which is located at the beautiful Manitou Beach, just north of Watrous, SK. Our dynamic workshops will include campaign planning, alternative media training, anti-racist education, action training, corporatism, trade and citizenship, group decision making, knowing the treaties, ecological justice, canoeing, hiking, movement building, being an ally, and more!

Our workshops and sessions this year will be focused on uniting progressive voices. With the emergence of widespread social movements such as Arab Spring and printemps erable, the appetite for change is apparent. In Saskatchewan, the flourishing Idle No More movement has shown how different groups of people can come together and find a home for their voices, make them heard, and has inspired previously inactive people to become engaged and involved. What can we learn from this? We will be exploring the interconnectedness of issues in order to understand the societal and economic systems that shape, constrain, and help us.

You will leave the camp with more ideas and skills to create unified partnerships that will respond to needs in communities – partnerships that can collectively mobilize and pool local resources to create positive change!

We are rolling out an early-bird registration fee – only $50 until July 1st! After July 1st, the fee will go up to $75. We are expecting to fill up quickly, so make sure to register early. Bursaries for the cost of registration will also be available. For registration information, please visit:

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Welcome to the Green Patch Garden Coordinator!

RPIRG welcomes Serena La Posta as the new Green Patch Garden coordinator. Serena brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the job and has already begun planning for the upcoming year. (We think spring will come.)

green patch April 2013If you’d like to learn more, or sign up to be a Green Patch volunteer, check out our Edible Campus page and the links at the bottom.

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RPIRG is hiring a 2013 Garden Coordinator

RPIRG is hiring a Garden Project Coordinator for the 2013 season! In partnership with members of the Edible Campus – Wascana Centre Authority, Facilities Management at the U of R, the Institute français, and First Nations University of Canada – we are seeking a knowledgeable and self-motivated student to supervise and coordinate the second year of the RPIRG Green Patch, a 5400 square foot organic vegetable garden tended by over seventy volunteers.

For more information, please view the full job posting and details, or learn about Regina’s Edible Campus.

Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested in the position!

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New Working Groups!

There are new opportunities to be active in the environmental movement, and support for an oft-neglected group, student parents! RPIRG has gained a number of new working groups. Welcome to:

  • Regina Green Ride Carpooling Network
  • Regina Parents as Students Success
  • UR Sustainability

Check them out on our working group page.

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Join us for our Spring Biking event!

On Tuesday April 2nd, get rid of the winter blues by joining us for education and celebration of cycling in our city!

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Multi-Purpose Room, Riddell Centre

Jon us for:
-workshops with expert mechanics on basic maintenance, gears & brakes, tires, and commuting & bike safety
-a chance to meet and talk to cycling and sustainability groups on campus and in the city
-a chance to win sweet swag for your bike

*Bring your bike for the workshops and the chance to chat one-on-one with the mechanics, OR just come for the information! We will be videotaping the workshops and putting them on our website here after, and we will also be giving out further info on biking resources in the city.

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop Station 1

Workshop Station 2

10:00- Basic Maintenance

10:30: Tires

11:00- Gears and Brakes

11:30- Commuting and Bike Safety

12:00- Tires

12:30- Gears and Brakes

1:00- Commuting and Bike Safety

1:30- Basic Maintenance

All FREE! If you have questions, contact Halena at outreach@rpirg.org

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Student Art Competition

What are some ways to cultivate community?

We are looking for a feature work of art on that theme for the RPIRG Green Patch garden. Our Student Public Art Competition is now open. The winner will receive a $1500 fee and the art work will be unveiled at our Harvest Celebration in September! More details here.

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Letter of Support for Victoria and Ihuoma

On the anniversary of Victoria and Ihuoma’s entry into sanctuary, there is a call out to write public letters of support for these students. More information about their case can be found here.

March 2013

Letter of Public Support for Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi
From the Regina Public Interest Research Group

We are the board members and staff of the Regina Public Interest Group, a student funded resource centre at the University of Regina committed to social and environmental justice. We are writing to express our support for Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi, the two Nigerian students from the University of Regina who are facing deportation for unknowingly violating the terms of their student visas.

We support the call for their penalty of deportation to be reconsidered. We believe the sanction, for working two weeks at WalMart without a proper permit, is far too severe, and ask that other common penalties, such as fines or fees, be applied instead.

We join with many other organizations and members of the public in asking for leniency. The University of Regina continues to support these students, as do the sponsors of the students’ scholarship. Politicians from across parties and jurisdictions have spoken publicly in support of the students, including MP Ralph Goodale (Liberal), MLA Bill Boyd (Sask Party), and MLA Cam Broten (NDP). As a non-profit focused on social justice, we support the public in their belief that the students deserve a second chance and the ability to finish their university degrees – which are already more than half completed – because of the positive impact these degrees will have on their future in Nigeria.

We support a just and fair treatment of these two women, commensurate with their transgression.


Naomi Beingessner
Executive Director
On behalf of the Regina Public Interest Research Group
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RPIRG Decries Attempt to Deny Freedom of Speech and Academic Inquiry on U of R Campus

The Regina Public Interest Research Group was disappointed to learn on Monday that posters advertising Israeli Apartheid Week on the public bulletin boards on the U of R campus had been removed by an unauthorized person or persons.

Items posted on the URSU boards are under the supervision of the University of Regina Students’ Union and formal complaints about posters can be made to the appropriate representatives. Circumventing this process and removing posters to stifle debate is not only a strike against free speech. It also degrades the university’s stated values of a “commitment to academic freedom in our work and interaction” and its role to “illuminate socially relevant problems.”

There is much debate over the opinions expressed through Israeli Apartheid Week. RPIRG believes that this debate is vital to a functioning democracy, and decries the silencing of voices on the issue. IAW activities this week are open to all, and include a teach-in, films, and panel discussions, all of which are receptive of diverse opinions. In a university setting, where critical analysis is considered paramount, inquiring minds should be able to engage with divergent ideas and be allowed to form their own opinions. When posters are taken down, this robs students, staff and faculty of the ability to work with these perspectives; this ultimately means opinions may remain poorly-formed or founded, and our local and global community suffers due to less understanding.

The issue is timely given Minister Kenney’s statement yesterday that asserts IAW activities on campuses often “censor other points of view, and limit academic discourse.” RPIRG believes that no one should be silenced from expressing a respectful opinion, and encourages the public to attend IAW activities and respectfully engage with the issues.

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Nominations Open for RPIRG Board Elections!

RPIRG is having its Annual General Election!

We are now accepting nominations for four Board of Director positions!  The RPIRG Board of Directors is composed of 8 Student Members of RPIRG. It is the decision-making body of RPIRG, which makes all major decisions regarding finances, long-term goals, long-term viability of the organization, staffing, and funding applications.

For more information about RPIRG, and our Board of Directors, please visit our About Us pages.

Election Timeline:
Nominations Open – February 25 @ 9:00 a.m.
Nominations Close – March 11 @ 3:00 p.m.
Campaigning – March 11 – March 18
Online Voting – March 20 & 21

To run for our Board of Directors, please download and complete the election nomination form.

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