Funded Projects, Events, and Training

Do you or your organization have an idea for a project or event? If so, please visit our funding page to learn more and fill out an application. If you would like help filling out your application, our staff would be happy to assist you. Just stop by the office during office hours or email for more information!


Man Up Against Violence (March 2016)

To take place in October 2016, it is the intent of their efforts to present two training modules entitled Module 1: Healthy Masculinities  and Module 2: Healthy Relationships. These modules are currently being developed and will be delivered by students under the guidance of the Man Up Against Violence™ advisory board.

Mental Wellness Week 2016 (February 2016)

The URSU & Students for Mental Wellness collaborated on their second annual campaign and week of events raising awareness of mental health on campus. Through this campaign, students are made aware of importance of Mental Wellness, both academically and personally. 

Black History Month (February 2016)

The goals of these events was to showcase the diversity of African people. Also, dispelling the stereotype that Black History Month is only for black people. The organizers highlighted BHM as an opportunity to unite people of all races, and have an open and safe dialogue talking about Black people and minorities.

Project Connect (November 2015)

Project Connect is a project where University of Regina education students go into four different community schools and work with students on a Saturday to provide students with a fun day camp they might not be able to afford otherwise. 


Indigenous Research Day (March 2016)

To take place in the Fall of 2016, this will be the first Indigenous Research Day occurring at the U of R in affiliation with the federated colleges. The Day will showcase a range of faculty, staff and student research but is not exclusive to outside research. There will also be two evening performances. 

EWB Wine Night (March 2016)

This was the third event of its kind. This event educates student and staff attendees about fair trade products and their benefits to communities whom produce them. It also invites people into the fair trade movement as a whole. The group hopes events like this will result in the U of R becoming a fair trade campus in 2017.

Stand Up for Humanity (February 2016)

The goal of this event was to create open and safe dialogue. The hope was that people would learn more about the common themes of love and peace for humanity in different faiths. Organizers wished to remove misconnects about religion that are usually the cause of the racism and hateful crimes in our community.

Lean: The Measurably Efficient Musical (February 2016)

Lean: The Measurably Efficient Musical was the Saskatchewan Public Interest Theatre’s (SPIT) first-ever theatre production. It imagined what happens when a Fordist market-driven audit culture penetrates our education system, which is happening in Saskatchewan (and beyond) as we speak. 

EWB Food Systems Event (October 2015)

Professor Chris Yost gave a talk on the science behind sustainable food systems, which was paired with an organic, locally sourced, legume-based dinner from a local caterer. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion between attendees.

Decolonizing Media (October 2015)

Decolonizing Media invited Indigenous media producers and critics to share their viewpoints and experiences in a public discussion forum.  A reception and Media Fair for Indigenous and alternative media practitioners to showcase and discuss their projects with university students, faculty members and the general public followed.

‘Last Resort’ Book Launch (July 2015)

The book launch was designed to bring attendees into the world of corporate greed depicted in the book. Attendees experienced the decadence of “corporate nobility” while being subtly reminded of the cost of this lifestyle through readings and discussions.


Somali Student Association Conference (March 2016)

The URSSA attended hoping to benefit from the experience of experts attending this conference on how to better deal with communal issues Somalis experience. These issues include, but are not limited to, problems with integrating, division within the community, and lack of leadership skills.

EWB xChange Conference (November 2015)

EWB (URegina chapter) members attended the xChange conference. xChange is a three day conference at which around 700 leaders (world leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, etc.) gather to discuss and learn about the issues we face as they work to eradicate extreme poverty and inequality.

Ingation Family Teach-In for Justice (October & November 2015)

3 Campion students attended the IFTJ in Washington, D.C. The IFTJ is a conference led by the Jesuit community with the goal to promote social justice. Some of the student goals were to be able to create connections among the different participants in order to learn about the various perspectives when dealing with social justice concerns not only from a Canadian perspective but from an international lens.

International Movement of Catholic Students World Assembly (July 2015)

One student attended the IMCS World Assembly in Philippines. Since founded in 1921, under the name Pax Romana, the IMCS’s purpose is to promote peace and justice at the global level and help in the holistic formation of students around the globe.



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