Fruit for Thought

Our Mandate and Goals

The central issue Fruit for Thought addresses is the concern of eating locally sourced food in order for our community to live more sustainably. There are fruit trees and shrubs in the community of Regina that go un-harvested every season. Fruit For Thought plans to harvest these trees, process their fruit and share the products in a three way split between the food bank and shelters, owners of these trees, and volunteers.

Fruit For Thought’s mission is to create awareness of environmentally sustainable behaviours and reduce food waste while contributing to the community. Our short term goal is to simply harvest and preserve previously unused fruit and share the bounty. We have expanded from harvesting apples and added rhubarb and cherries. We potentially would like to expand to holding workshops regarding preserving so that more people who would like to can fully utilize their own fruit.

If you’d like to volunteer with Fruit for Thought, find more info¬†here. Harvesting of fruit will likely begin in August. Email for more information, or check out our website.

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