Students’ Energy in Action for Regina Community Health

Our Mandate and Goals

SEARCH aims to be a pillar of both the North Central and University of Regina communities. Its goals are to contribute to better health outcomes for North Central residents, produce more socially conscious future health professionals, create more responsive academic and professional programs, and build better relationships between the community and the University.

SEARCH is a student-run, interdisciplinary clinic that operates out of Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Four Directions Clinic in North Central Regina. Every Saturday afternoon, they operate a walk-in clinic, where patients are seen by a team of senior health professional students working under the direct supervision of a family doctor and other health professional mentors. SEARCH also organizes social programming, makes healthy meals, and provides childcare for the clientele. SEARCH addresses both the health under-service of inner-city communities, and the disconnection between professional and academic training programs and community needs.

For more information, contact:

Emily Barber, Coordinator

or visit SEARCH’s online home.

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