Advisory Committee

RPIRG’s Advisory Committee is made up of faculty at the U of R and members of the community of Regina. The committee supplies the RPIRG Board with guidance and support from non-students who have experience in campus and community organizing.

The first and most important reason that we have faculty involvement in RPIRG is to have a “sober second thought” instituted into RPIRG. The review of the RPIRG Board of Directors’ funding decisions is an effective method of opening up discussion on why and how a decision was made in a unique space.

Second, the committee is another part of creating “institutional memory” for RPIRG. A re-occurring issue for all campus organizations composed of students is the high turnover of membership. Students are often only involved with campus organizations for a couple of years before they move on from the university experience. Establishing institutional memory is of particular importance to RPIRG, as there are only two staff people. The committee creates a system of year-to-year memory outside of the already established systems of governance, and allows for more voices to express support or concern for decisions and procedures of RPIRG.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please email

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