get-involved-300x200Volunteering in your community is part of an education at the U of R that is often overlooked, and always under-emphasized. Becoming involved with the work that RPIRG does on and off of campus benefits every party involved: the community, the organization, and the volunteer.

RPIRG wants to be able to offer more than just monetary support to motivated people who come to RPIRG for assistance! Being able to offer volunteers to people who wish to hold an event such as a conference is far more beneficial to an organizer than money can ever hope to be.

Volunteers for RPIRG can do any combination of the following:

  • Write for the newsletter and website
  • Contribute to event planning
  • Research background information for letter-writing campaigns
  • Distribute RPIRG materials
  • Run event logistics
  • Take minutes at Board Meetings
  • Do classroom talks and table for RPIRG at events
  • Make and hang posters or buttons
  • Whatever else you want/we need!

Working Groups

Volunteers can also help with any of our current working groups. These groups hold their own events and campaigns throughout the year, and would also benefit from volunteer participation. Information about each working group can be found here.

Other perks for volunteers:

  • Snappy fairly made RPIRG T-shirt
  • Certificate and letter of recommendation after 10 volunteer hours

If you would like to volunteer with RPIRG or with any of our current working groups, please email us at outreach@rpirg.org!

(Alternatively, if you are looking to volunteer specifically with the RPIRG Green Patch, click here for more information.)

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