Making Ripples – an active citizen workshop!

Making Ripples: An Active Citizen Workshop
Thursday, Feb. 21
Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre
– 445 14th Avenue

Making Ripples gives you the opportunity to talk to active community members about their passion. Fifteen active citizens will discuss their work, how they got started, what inspires and sustains them, and how people can find their own roles in the community.

You’ll hear from people who work on a wide range of topics: poverty in Regina, women’s and gender equality, food security, HIV and AIDS, child welfare, engagement of ‘at-risk’ youth, Palestine solidarity, and the labour movement – to name a few!

The format of the workshop will be small group discussions: you will self-select a table with a community member for discussion, and have the opportunity to move to a different table with a different speaker after thirty minutes. The format is repeated for another 30 minutes. At 2:00, the main facilitator will call everyone’s attention back and facilitate a large room discussion that gives people (including facilitators) a chance to share what they’ve heard/learned/shared at their tables.

Please pre-register by emailing
Lunch is provided to registrants.

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