Students we need your help! We need you to attend the URSU Annual General Meeting that is happening on April 15! There is a motion that would change RPIRG’s fee from an opt-out, to an opt-in.

What does this mean? Essentially it will mean that RPIRG won’t have stable funding, and will need to spend all of our time trying to get students to opt-in to the fee, rather than spending our time fulfilling our mandate of promoting social and environmental justice.

This means that not only would we not have the time to organize our great events like Generating Momentum, Apathy into Action, winter cycling workshops etc; but we would also not have the funding to continue to run projects like our Green Patch garden and upcoming orchard. We also would not have the resources to provide funding each semester to various projects and events, or to our working groups like: SEARCH, Students for Mental Health and Wellness, Fruit for Thought, Regina Green Ride Transit, etc.

If you are a student, we need you to show your support for RPIRG by attending the URSU AGM on April 15th and voting against the motion. 

If you are a student who is attending the AGM, please sign the form below so we can keep track of how many RPIRG supports we will have at the AGM. (**only sign if you are a student!)

To learn more about the campaign, check out our Facebook event HERE.

Community members, faculty and staff can learn more HERE.

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