Stephen Lewis Lectures to Full House

In a lecture given after both RPIRG and SCIC’s Annual General Meetings, on Saturday, September 25, renowned author and activist Stephen Lewis gave a lecture to a packed house at the University of Regina. As the long-standing head of the UN’s fight against AIDS, his talk moved from laughing about how he had never earned a degree the “old fashioned way”, to a focus on how Canada needs to change its practices and foster a more engaged civil society:

“Everywhere you go in the beleaguered countries, people are immensely hungry. It’s just unbearable. How do you reach a point in 2010 where there is such unfathomable injustice? The G7 countries … are not making a difference.”

Great steps forward have been made in the world wide hunger crisis and AIDS crisis, he argued, but there is still much that needs to be done. Why isn’t Canada truly stepping up to the international plate and making its contribution to a world that so desperately needs it, whether by fulfilling millennium goals or by making larger contributions to the fight against AIDS? These questions – as well as a sentiment of hope that the younger generation would realize the critical importance of these issues, were the highlights of his engaging and much-needed discussion.

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