2024 General Election Results

We are thrilled to announce our new board of directors elected in the 2024 General Election. This has been the most competitive election we have had in a long time. So congratulations to everyone for putting the work in campaigning.

Congratulations to the new Board members on winning regarless of such steep competition, and we are excited to see the new board leading us in a new direction.

Meet the New Board Members

Krish Kaba


I krish kaba an international student pursuing engineering and applied science, driven by a passion for innovation and problem-solving. Hailing from Dar-es-salaam,Tanzania. , I am committed to mastering engineering principles and applying them to real-world challenges. Beyond academics, I krish kaba am actively engages in cultural exchange, fostering understanding and collaboration. I am aspire to contribute my skills to global engineering projects, aiming to make a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Mohammad Akib Hossain


I am Mohammad Akib Hossain, currently in my third year pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Regina. My diverse experiences have equipped me with the requisite expertise to contribute meaningfully to the governance and strategic direction of the organization. I am committed to fostering a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization. And collaborate with the esteemed RPIRG team to chart a course toward achieving our long-term goals. Through diligent effort and strategic vision, I am confident that I can drive positive change and make a lasting impact in our community.

Razan Raza


My name is Razan Raza and I’m an international student at University Of Regina pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I am all about having genuine influence on the community, even outside of books. I find it fascinating that how companies operate on a global scale. I have developed skills in strategic thinking and teamwork, and I thrive on community involvement. I am excited to offer this special blend to your board and i am thrilled about the chance to work with you to create a bright future!

Zuhruf Zarooq


My name is Zuhruf Zarooq. I am currently the VP Student affairs at URSU. RPIRG being an affiliated student center with URSU, I’d love to learn more about RPIRG’s governance structure. Moreover, I’d love to serve the students in any capacity.

Ricky Desai


Hello! I'm a second-year student pursuing Business and Arts at University of Regina . Passionate about student politics , I actively engage in campus life through various student clubs . Known for my Positive nature , I balance academics with a love of Investing. As a dedicated learner, I've excelled in Business Courses and am eager to apply my skills in real-world settings. Outside of class, you'll find me hanging. I am excited about the prospect of joining RPIRG aligns perfectly with my commitment to personal and academic growth.



As a film production major, I am deeply committed to merging academic pursuits with practical, real-world skills. My goal is to create a collaborative platform that not only provides students with skill-centric courses but also connects them with freelance opportunities. Through my industry connections and personal training, I aim to empower students to monetize their talents effectively. Joining the board is a critical step for me to bring this vision to life, allowing me to influence educational strategies and create valuable networking opportunities for our students