Mission Statement & Values


Video Introduction

For a video introduction to RPIRG, who we are, and what we do,
check out the 5 Years of Student Activism video!

Mission Statement

The Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG) is a student-run, student-funded non-profit organization dedicated to community-based research, education, action and awareness in the public interest. RPIRG exists to provide its members with the resources to be active citizens on the University of Regina campus and in the broader community.









Statement of Values

RPIRG is committed to the following values in all of its work:

  • consensus decision making
  • non-partisanship
  • autonomy/independence
  • environmental sustainability
  • plurality and diversity
  • accountability and transparency to our membership
  • social equality and anti-oppression
  • public interest over private interest
  • fostering participatory democracy and engaged citizenship

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History: Citizen Involvement is Everyone’s Responsibility

The PIRG tradition was formed in the 1970s by political activist Ralph Nader as a resource and platform for students passionate about social justice in their community. A PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) is a membership-based group, usually centered on the local campus, whose student and community volunteers work to expose and confront systemic injustices that have been overlooked or ignored by governing bodies. PIRGs believe that the health of a democracy is measured by the level of participation of its citizens; therefore, the University of Regina PIRG (RPIRG) aims to provide tangible resources and training to equip Regina’s next generation to be keepers of their community, defenders of the transparent democratic process, and protectors of society’s vulnerable members.

Because PIRGs are student-run, aside from the focus on social justice, each one is unique. RPIRG’s individual identity will be determined by the priorities set by our members here at the University of Regina. Having students at the helm of RPIRG will guarantee that the direction will remain squarely in the hands of its student members, which guarantees that our funding will be directed to the projects that most accurately reflect student and public interest. Whether you are committed to protecting Saskatchewan from corporate interest, researching injustices directed towards the Aboriginal community, promoting an alternative to the neo-liberal economy, exposing government fraud, or educating people about living without chemicals, we are the place for you. Talk to someone at RPIRG today about your vision for our community and let us know how we can help you.

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