Annual General Meeting 2021

RPIRG’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is here. Join us on September 22nd at 2-4pm through Zoom to hear updates from RPIRG’s staff and board and vote on important motions which direct our work throughout the year.

Following our AGM, stick around for an informative “Worker Rights Workshop,” co-presented with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour which is designed to help students and community members to learn about the rights in the workplace. The attendees will learn about three main rights at their jobs; rights to know; rights to participate and rights to refuse. This workshop is designed for people who are already working but also about to start working.

About Workers Rights Workshop

Not getting paid properly? Not getting paid on time? You are being mentally, physically or sexually assaulted by your employer or co-worker(s)? Not getting your deserved tips? Your workplace is not safe enough? You don’t know what rights you have at your workplace?

Join Taylor Apperley from the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) to learn about your rights of knowing, participating and refusing at the workplace. This Workers Rights Workshop is a part of “The Ready for Work program”, a joint operation between the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and the Worker’s Compensation Board of Saskatchewan, focused on travelling around the province to teach high school students how to protect themselves in the workplace. Both of these organizations are hoping to expand our programming to help new Canadians and international students.

How to participate in our AGM

  • Zoom access

    On September 22nd at 2pm: Join the meeting using an AGM zoom link. It is preferred that you join the meeting using the zoom app on a computer or phone (you don’t need the app to join from a browser however), but you may also call in from a landline. Calling in by landline will require that you verbally sign-in/identify yourself as a member and verbally vote on motions. You must have the zoom app to access closed captioning.

  • Sign up

    When you open the meeting link you will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ and prompted to sign into the meeting via a short online form. The form will enable us to track who is a voting member or not, to help with setting up the voting process. You can also fill out the form anytime before the meeting here (the sign up form).Once your sign-in is verified you will enter the meeting space.

  • Keep your mic muted

    We ask that you keep your mic muted to avoid unpleasant feedback and distracting background noise. To make things easier for everyone listening and to help our closed captioner, we also ask that people try not to speak too fast, speak at a decent volume, and avoid interrupting or engaging in unnecessary verbal communication

  • Speak and participate

    If you would like to propose or speak to any motion, or ask a question, we ask that you use the ‘hands up’ feature to indicate you would like the floor, or mention it in the chat. If you are calling in from a landline, you can unmute to identify yourself.

  • Ask for help

    If you have any technical issues or logistical questions you can use the chat feature to get in touch with one of our volunteers to assist you!

Accessibility Information

CART captioning will be available to anyone participating in our virtual meeting. However; this feature will not be available in break-out rooms when non-voting participants are moved from the main space for voting. To turn on closed captioning, hover down on the menu at the bottom of your zoom screen, and click on closed captioning to see the option to turn it on. If your screen is minimized you might not see that option unless you click on the three dots which show you the rest of the menu. Once turned on, the captions should show up at the bottom of your zoom screen.

If you have additional accessibility needs, please contact our Outreach and Events Coordinator, Tayef, at

Zoom Meeting Info

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Meeting Materials

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