Apathy into Action 2018 Schedule!

This year’s Apathy into Action Social Justice Conference will take place January 19th and 20th @ the RIC Atrium on the University of Regina main campus. Please see this link for details about our venue. If you have any questions you may contact Julian at outreach@rpirg.org.

Friday January 19:

10:30am – “Unclear Future: Living With Uranium” Author reading w/ Bernadette Wagner

Bernadette Wagner is a multi-genre writer, editor, and community-based organizer. Her work has appeared on many platforms. Bernadette is nearing completion of a mixed-genre manuscript about uranium and its human implications. Her research took her to Canada’s role in the development of Little Boy, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, as well as to some other global hotspots. Join Bernadette to explore Saskatchewan’s role in the industry through poetry and creative nonfiction.

11:30am – “Colonialism No More” w/ Prescott Demas & Michelle Stewart 

In the spring of 2016 activists in Regina set up a tent city occupation outside the regional office of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), calling themselves the Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp. Expecting to be there for 24 hours, they ended up staying for four months. This session will focus on current projects and campaigns that Colonialism No More is working on including dismantling white supremacy in public spaces and challenging racialized and militarised policing practices. This Session will be hosted by Prescott Demas and Michelle Stewart who have been involved with Colonialism No More since the 2016 camp.


1:30pm – “Fat Feminism” w/ Mia Bell 

Mia Bell is a student at the University of Regina, completing her studies in psychology and visual arts. She is a fat feminist and fat activist, who is passionate about body politics. Mia is especially interested in the ways that anti-fat bias and sizeism intersect with other forms of oppression (i.e. sexism, racism, ableism, classism). She enjoys learning, listening, and cuddling with her cats. In future, Mia plans to pursue a degree in visual arts therapy, combining her affinity for mental health and creative expression.

2:30pm – “Being a Radical Trans-Accomplice” w/ Cat Haines presented by UR Pride

Cat Haines is a trans woman, lesbian, and currently the program coordinator at the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. Understanding the complexities and nuances of gender is critical for anyone hoping to work with the trans community, or simply support the transgender people their their lives. Through a series of open discussions and journaling exercises, this workshop seeks to help you better understand your personal relationship to gender, as well as provide a glimpse into the ongoing labour that is expected of many transgender individuals in order to access  healthcare, and in many cases, basic human dignity.

3:30pm PANEL “Faith & Social Justice” w/ Maysa Haque, Cam Fraser, and Gagan Deep Singh. Presented by Common Weal Community Arts

*UPDATE: we are no longer able to provide ASL interpretation as planned for this session, due to our interpreter sustaining an injury. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will work to provide more opportunities for this in the future*

This multi-faith panel will feature perspectives on social, environmental, and global justice through the lens of faith and religious practice. We present this panel in conjunction with Common Weal Community Arts to question the assumptions that religion is inherently regressive or conservative and have invited Christian, Muslim, and Sikh community members to discuss how their faith informs their justice work, how faith contributes to self care and community care, and how activists and organizers can better work across faith communities to foster solidarity and build inclusive movements.

6:00pm – RPIRG January Social w/ Neeched Up Games

RPIRG and Janelle Pewapsconias of Neeched Up Games will be hosting a human sized board game! Neeched Up Games provides Indigenous knowledge board games, card games, apps, and educational resources to empower people in Indigenous culture! Through games and engaging discussion we can overcome discrimination and misinformation by challenging it utilizing our knowledge of Indigenous culture, history, and perspectives.
This event is FREE, however, we do ask that you take a moment to register here!

Saturday January 20th

Registration is required for Saturday sessions as space in limited! Please follow this link to register. 

9:00am – “Mapping Line 3” w/ Barb Lavallee

Line 3 is a proposed Enbridge crude oil pipeline that plans to stretch from Alberta to Wisconsin, passing through Saskatchewan. It is a contentious pipeline in that is currently being met with resistance for several important reasons from many Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, as well as environmental activists and organizations in areas all along the pipeline route.

Barbara Lavallee is an Independent Heritage Compliance Monitor. She focuses on environmental sustainability by bridging the gap of Western science and traditional ecological knowledge. Barbara is a Traditional Knowledge Keeper from Cowessess First Nation, residing on Piapot First Nation. To gain better context and language surrounding Line 3, Barbara Lavallee will outline common industry language, pipeline approval processes and government involvement, ways local communities will be affected, and threats to the local watershed as well as cultural and sacred Indigenous sites. The last part of the workshop will highlight ongoing resistance efforts, and provide participants with resources and ideas about how they can learn more and plug into what’s going on.


1:00pm – “Media Training” w/ Ivan Muzychka (presented by: Next Up Saskatchewan!

Ivan Muzychka, who has over 25 years communications experience, much of it in media relations. He is currently a senior communications advisor with the Saskatchewan Medical Association. Speaking to media representatives can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many leaders. However, communicating through the media is sometimes the best way to connect with your key stakeholders and others, provided the encounter is handled carefully. This session will introduce participants to the basics of media relations, and will cover some basic pointers for doing successful media interviews. The session includes several practice TV interviews based on actual issues you and your organization may be facing.

1:00pm – “Crude Power” Screening & Talk w/ Katie Doke Sawatzky & Janelle Blakley 

In 2017, a collaborative investigative journalism project dominated news cycles to ask us, what is the real price of Saskatchewan’s oil industry? Out of that project, the film ‘Crude Power’ was produced to “shine a light on the oil industries substantial influence on government policy and reveal who benefits and who is hurt”. Janelle and Katie Doke Sawatzky, U of R Journalism students who worked on this project, will talk about investigative journalism, speaking truth to power, and how student initiative and hard work can have huge impacts on our community.

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