Candidates Announced for 2021 RPIRG Board Election

The RPIRG Board of Directors is composed of 8 Student Members of RPIRG. It is the decision-making body of RPIRG, which makes all major decisions regarding finances, long-term goals, long-term viability of the organization, staffing, and funding application approval – all using concensus-based decision making principles.  

As the 2021 RPIRG board election approaches, it is time to introduce the candidates who are seeking election to be on the RPIRG board. This year, RPRIG has 4 nominees for the 2 open positions on our Board of Directors.  

These candidates will be campaigning between March 1-18 and voting will take place through UR Self-service between March 17-18. To vote, log into UR self-service during election dates, and find the URSU online voting ballot. After you vote for your favourite URSU election candidates, you will see RPIRG’s election ballot at the bottom of the list. The four candidates will be presented to you in the ballot, you can rank them according to your preferences, the top two candidates will be elected to be on the board. 

All other information related to voting can be found on our social media accounts and URSU’s social media accounts closer to the election dates.   

The candidates for the 2021-2022 RPIRG Board of Directors are:


  Isabella Grajczyk (she/her)

Isabella Grajczyk

Isabella is a 4th year student in the faculty of arts. She has recently completed an Education Degree and is now pursuing a major in International Studies and a minor in Economics. She is very passionate about community work and is the president and founder of a new organization called Sask Girls United which aims to provide leadership workshops to girls ages 8-14. She loves to be involved in all that she can on and off campus and puts a lot of effort into making the U of R a great place to be. She is on the URSU HR Committee, as well as a member with Engineers without Borders, and the Executive Team of URPOLIS. She is interested in joining the board because she believes she can make a difference and provide a positive impact for the student body. She is interested in working in the not-for-profit sector in the future and believes that this experience would provide her with relevant skills and opportunities. Overall, she is passionate about environmental and social justice and wants to help the community as much as she can.

Safoora Abdul (she/her)

Safoora Abdul

Hello! My name is Safoora Abdul and I am in my fourth year of International Studies with a concentration in International affairs. As an IS student, I am very passionate about working together to combat social and environmental injustice and promote gender, racial and political equality! I am interested in joining RPIRG because I am very interested in conducting research as my field of study requires me to conduct many research papers. I have many new ideas for research (i.e., international development, gender inequality, class division) that will help in the process of unlearning some western mindsets and biases.  

Sundus Zia (she/her)

Sundus Zia

Hi! My name is Sundus Zia. As a third-year Computer Science and Pre-Med student, I have developed my problem solving and coding skills through my classes and my work terms. In order to balance that out, I volunteer with the UR Ambassadors and Canadian Blood Services to practice my interpersonal skills, and listen to podcasts to keep up with current issues. I believe that joining RPIRG will give me the valuable opportunity to have a conversation about what issues are important to society and also try to make a difference instead of simply listening to others speak about them.

Asma Akhi (she/her)

Asma Akhi

Hello! My name is Asma Akhi, and I am studying Justice Studies at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Regina. I always want to help people whether it’s through my work experience or by obtaining a great educational qualification from the school. I heard about RPIRG recently and I have decided to run for a seat on their Board of Directors. I am also very passionate about working for the community. I believe in diversity and equality. I would like to join RPIRG because I believe this platform will help me to promote gender, racial, ethnicity, and social equality. I am eager to learn and contribute to social justice and make our society better. RPIRG is one the platforms that I have been looking for so that I can get myself more engaged with the people who need help, also where I can validate myself and qualifications.

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