What is Dis-Orientation Week?

DisOrientation Week is a tradition on some university campuses where students and community members can organize events and programming that highlight student and community resistance. Topics can include decolonial and anti-capitalist histories, housing/tenant rights, and history and introduction to student lobbying tactics of municipal and provincial government. The imagination is honestly the limit in the programming that can make up a DisO Week.

Join RPIRG, UR Pride, URSU, the ta- tawâw student centre and other campus and community organizations for a week of engaging workshops, speakers, socials, learning, agitation, and… DisOrientation!

Call For Events

This year's Dis-Orientation Week takes place at the University of Regina from September 11 to 15. Dis-Orientation Week may include social and environmental justice-related events, alternative campus tours, keynotes, workshops, and other activities. If you are organizing or interested in organizing an event, please let us know so that we can include it in the Dis-Orientation Week.


Here are some examples of events/workshops that your group may consider organizing: 


  • Canadian Politics and Government (intended for everyone who wants to learn more about the Canadian political system and how different levels of government run and operate, as well as how we can engage with elected officials about various issues)
  • Don’t Ignore Politics  (targeting  everyone, especially youth— demonstrating why political issues are so vital to discuss and participate in. Young people have a proclivity to ignore politics for a variety of reasons, resulting in a drop in youth voter turnout.)
  • Politics at the University of Regina ( targeting all students to pass on information about political activity on campus, discussing groups that focus on various causes, introducing organizations such as UR Polis and how to get involved)
  • Harm reduction trainings and educational workshop
  • History of colonization in Canada (workshop or keynote)
  • Anti-racism and Anti-Oppression workshops  


Examples of events from past years: 


  • Narcan Training 
  • Media literacy & DIY journalism
  • Students Fight for 15
  • Meet your political representatives 


Or any other introductory events/workshops that would be helpful for new and returning students and have an alternative orientation experience.

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