Welcome to the 2024 RPIRG election!

We are thrilled to introduce the twelve nominees running for six available positions on our Board of Directors. The candidates will be campaigning until March 26th, and voting will take place through Simply Voting between March 25-26th.

As a student-run organization, RPIRG focuses on social and environmental justice issues. The organization is funded by a fee levy paid by University of Regina, Camion College, Luther College, and FNUniv students and provides resources and support for research, campaigns, and projects related to social and environmental justice.

To vote, simply visit ursu.simplyvoting.com during the election period and find the URSU online voting ballot or log into your UR Self-Service account. After voting for your favourite URSU election candidates, you will see RPIRG's election ballot at the bottom of the list. The twelve candidates will be presented to you in the ballot, and you can rank them according to your preferences. The top six candidates will be elected to be on the board.


We encourage all students to participate in the RPIRG election and to support candidates who share their values and vision for RPIRG. This is an important opportunity to have a say in the direction of our organization and to contribute to the development of campaigns and projects that address pressing social and environmental issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rpirg.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to vote in the RPIRG election?

A: Any student registered through University of Regina, Luther College, Campion College, and FNUniv who pays the RPIRG fee levy is eligible to vote in the election.



Q: How do I know if I am eligible to vote?

A: If you are a currently registered student through any of these colleges mentioned above and have not manually opted out, you are eligible to vote.



Q: Are URSU and RPIRG elections the same?

A: No. URSU is the Students' Union, and RPIRG is a student centre. Although we are both nonprofit organizations and have similar membership, we are different in our mission, vision, and operations. Therefore, our elections are different; however, RPIRG shares the same ballot and election timeline as URSU.



Q: Why should I vote?

A: We understand how busy it gets at the university and your lack of motivation to vote. We are run and funded by students, and we encourage all the students to have their say when choosing who gets to be on our board. The board members have the power to change the shape of our organization, so we want that the members reflect your values. Also, voting for these types of elections is a practice for you to be a more active citizen. Please vote on March 25-26, it takes about 1 minute.



Q: Can I vote in person?

A: No, voting is online only.



Q: How many candidates can I vote for?

A: Our election system allows you to choose your top preferences accordingly. We have 6 vacancies in our board, so please choose your top 6 candidates.



Q: What happens after the election?

A: The candidates with the most votes will be elected to the RPIRG Board of Directors. Their term begins on May 1. You are welcome to join our board of directors meeting to see how our board meetings go.

Meet the Candidates

Zuhruf Zarooq


My name is Zuhruf Zarooq. I am currently the VP Student affairs at URSU. RPIRG being an affiliated student center with URSU, I’d love to learn more about RPIRG’s governance structure. Moreover, I’d love to serve the students in any capacity.

Sara Zahid


Hi! My name is Sara and I am a 3rd year Health Studies student, with an interest in learning about health, research, and public policy. I would like to join the RPIRG Board of Directors to become more involved in community-based research and decision-making. In my free time, I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family. Aside from being a student, I am also a volunteer with different organizations, and an assistant for research on public policy.

Samantha Nalumansi Babirye


I am a Ugandan international student interested in giving back to my community through community development. This has motivated me to seek out opportunities to do this through education, where I gain a deeper understanding in my international studies and social work classes about social justice. I also founded a non-profit organization in Uganda in 2018 that I manage internationally to coordinate outreach events and strategy meetings. I am also currently leading a women's group at ANFGC Regina every Friday, which is a space to discuss what it means to be a woman in modern-day society. I am passionate about leadership, policy, teamwork, social justice, project management, and creating an environment for minority students and marginalized groups to thrive.

Jeremy Beam


I am an honours student in the Sociology department! I volunteer with SEARCH Health Clinic every semester, which provides meals and healthcare to an underserved area in Regina. I am employed at Creative Options Regina as a disability support worker. I am looking to do more to help out the community, and being a board member sounds like a great way to do so! My interests outside of academics are writing and bowling.

Jayden Thompson


My name is Jayden Thompson. I am in my third year at the Faculty of MAP, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and photo-based art. In the last year, I have taken up photography and focused on documenting protests and community events in Regina. I am a member of the UofR Students for Justice in Palestine group. As part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, I am committed to supporting and contributing to initiatives that uplift and empower marginalized voices. I want to be there for communities that need advocating, whether it is through listening, education, aiding in the liberation, and, most importantly, amplifying their voices and following their lead. Being on the Board for RPIRG would be a new experience that I am excited about and willing to learn going forward.

Mohammad Akib Hossain


I am Mohammad Akib Hossain, currently in my third year pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Regina. With great enthusiasm, I present myself as a candidate for the esteemed position of Board Member for the Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG). My diverse experiences have equipped me with the requisite expertise to contribute meaningfully to the governance and strategic direction of the organization. I am committed to fostering a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization. And collaborate with the esteemed RPIRG team to chart a course toward achieving our long-term goals. Through diligent effort and strategic vision, I am confident that I can drive positive change and make a lasting impact in our community. It would be an honor to serve as a Board Member for RPIRG, and I humbly request your support in this endeavor. Together, let us embark on a journey of innovation, progress, and social responsibility.

Huzaifa Hussain


My name is Huzaifa, I am currently a second year psychology major with the goal of attending medical school to study internal medicine. What I have done so far to accomplish my goals is take on many volunteering positions like a emergency first responder and other leadership positions I've held in my employment an example being my time as a team leader for Sasktel. The reason I would love to join the board is that I feel the RPIRG and my own values perfectly align.

Emily Katherine Camposano


I am re-running for RPIRG'S board of directors (2022-current), also having been on URSU's board as director of part time students (2020-2022). I had also been involved with the board for the Psychology Students' Association (PSA) (2020-2022). Recently I have joined the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association (SECA) board of directors, as I am an early childhood educator level 3 and have interest in supporting educators working to support children's development, like myself. I am a part time student at the U of R, this is my 7th year as I am nearing the completion of my psychology degree.



As a film production major, I am deeply committed to merging academic pursuits with practical, real-world skills. My goal is to create a collaborative platform that not only provides students with skill-centric courses but also connects them with freelance opportunities. Through my industry connections and personal training, I aim to empower students to monetize their talents effectively. Joining the board is a critical step for me to bring this vision to life, allowing me to influence educational strategies and create valuable networking opportunities for our students

Razan Raza


My name is Razan Raza and I’m an international student at University Of Regina pursuing a degree in Business Administration. I am all about having genuine influence on the community, even outside of books. I find it fascinating that how companies operate on a global scale. I have developed skills in strategic thinking and teamwork, and I thrive on community involvement. I am excited to offer this special blend to your board and i am thrilled about the chance to work with you to create a bright future!

Ricky Desai


Hello! I'm a second-year student pursuing Business and Arts at University of Regina . Passionate about student politics , I actively engage in campus life through various student clubs . Known for my Positive nature , I balance academics with a love of Investing. As a dedicated learner, I've excelled in Business Courses and am eager to apply my skills in real-world settings. Outside of class, you'll find me hanging. I am excited about the prospect of joining RPIRG aligns perfectly with my commitment to personal and academic growth.

krish kaba


krish kaba an international student pursuing engineering and applied science, driven by a passion for innovation and problem-solving. Hailing from Dar-es-salaam,Tanzania. , I am committed to mastering engineering principles and applying them to real-world challenges. Beyond academics, I krish kaba am actively engages in cultural exchange, fostering understanding and collaboration. I am aspire to contribute my skills to global engineering projects, aiming to make a positive impact on communities worldwide