RPIRG 2023 Election General Election

Welcome to the 2023 RPIRG election!

We are thrilled to introduce the eleven nominees running for five available positions on our Board of Directors. The candidates will be campaigning until March 14th, and voting will take place through Simply Voting between March 13-14th.

As a student-run organization, RPIRG focuses on social and environmental justice issues. The organization is funded by a fee levy paid by University of Regina, Camion College, Luther College, and FNUniv students and provides resources and support for research, campaigns, and projects related to social and environmental justice.

To vote, simply visit ursu.simplyvoting.com during the election period and find the URSU online voting ballot or log into your UR Self-Service account. After voting for your favourite URSU election candidates, you will see RPIRG's election ballot at the bottom of the list. The eleven candidates will be presented to you in the ballot, and you can rank them according to your preferences. The top five candidates will be elected to be on the board.


We encourage all students to participate in the RPIRG election and to support candidates who share their values and vision for RPIRG. This is an important opportunity to have a say in the direction of our organization and to contribute to the development of campaigns and projects that address pressing social and environmental issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rpirg.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to vote in the RPIRG election?

A: Any student registered through University of Regina, Luther College, Campion College, and FNUniv who pays the RPIRG fee levy is eligible to vote in the election.



Q: How do I know if I am eligible to vote?

A: If you are a currently registered student through any of these colleges mentioned above and have not manually opted out, you are eligible to vote.



Q: Are URSU and RPIRG elections the same?

A: No. URSU is the Students' Union, and RPIRG is a student centre. Although we are both nonprofit organizations and have similar membership, we are different in our mission, vision, and operations. Therefore, our elections are different; however, RPIRG shares the same ballot and election timeline as URSU.



Q: Why should I vote?

A: We understand how busy it gets at the university and your lack of motivation to vote. We are run and funded by students, and we encourage all the students to have their say when choosing who gets to be on our board. The board members have the power to change the shape of our organization, so we want that the members reflect your values. Also, voting for these types of elections is a practice for you to be a more active citizen. Please vote on March 13-14, it takes about 1 minute.



Q: Can I vote in person?

A: No, voting is online only.



Q: How many candidates can I vote for?

A: Our election system allows you to choose your top preferences accordingly. We have 5 vacancies in our board, so please choose your top 5 candidates.



Q: What happens after the election?

A: The candidates with the most votes will be elected to the RPIRG Board of Directors. Their term begins on May 1. You are welcome to join our board of directors meeting to see how our board meetings go.

Meet the Candidates

Tasleigh Dutchyshen (Taz)


I’m Tasleigh Dutchyshen, but everyone calls me Taz. I am in my fourth year of study, and working towards a double degree (Bachelor of Kinesiology, and a Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Studies). I’m currently the President of the KHS Student Society, and a developmental support care worker at Creative Options Regina. Both of these opportunities have allowed me to organize and participate in a variety of events that range from being recreational, education focused, and charity based. My future career interests lie in the non-profit sector. I believe I can provide a unique perspective and help create a more inclusive environment on campus, with accessibility in mind. I strive to make people feel heard, understood, and cared for while maintaining dignity and respect for those we serve.

Jai Desai


I am an environmental engineering student and passionate volunteer with experience in sustainability and community service.I am running for the RPIRG board of directors with a focus on building an inclusive community and using resources effectively to support student-led initiatives for social and environmental justice. My plans are to collaborate with stakeholders to achieve collective impact.

Luba Kozak


I am a 2nd-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. I am interested in early modern European art and literature; philosophy; and ethics. My research project examines exotic pet animals in eighteenth-century British portraiture, investigating origins of species politics in the field of art history.


I work on various social justice projects at the Centre for Socially Engaged Theatre, serve as a language editor for Open Cultural Studies, as well as hold two publications. I am interested in joining the Board because I believe my knowledge of policy administration and background in communication will contribute to RPIRG’s mission.

Jenil Chaklasiya


My name is Jenil Chaklasiya and I am currently a second-year computer science student at the University of Regina. Throughout my academic journey, I have been actively involved in various student organizations and have held leadership positions in many of them.Being a member of the RPIRG Board of Directors offers several benefits, including the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals on campus who are passionate about social and environmental justice. Board members also have the chance to become change-makers by contributing to important decisions regarding the long-term goals and viability of the organization.

If elected, I hope to use my knowledge and expertise to help make strategic decisions that will benefit the organization and its members. I am particularly interested in exploring new funding opportunities and expanding the organization's reach within the community. I am also committed to promoting transparency and accountability within the board and ensuring that all members have a voice in the decision-making process.I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and work collaboratively with fellow members to advance the organization's goals and objectives.

Mohammad Ali Palsaniya


I have been working with non profit organizations from last 6 years in my country. I was working on various things like distribution of foods, teaching people who are not able to get education, educating people about importance of environment, saving street dogs and many more. Now what I did in my country same things I want to do here. I like to help people a lot and whatever experience I have gained, it will be very important for this organization too. When I came to know about this organization and how they are working for welfare of people, I also decided to be part of it. So leadership qualities which are required for the post, I think I have knowledge and experience both to handle it.

Eric Akomeah


My name is Eric Akomeah and I'm a first year Master of Arts students at U of R. As a social and environmental justice advocate, I believe that fair and just treatment of all individuals in society, should be important to all stakeholders. I have always advocated for the promotion of equal opportunities and access to resources and services, as well as addressing systemic inequalities and discrimination in my community back in Ghana. I have been actively involved in community work and currently hold an Executive Member position in an NGO named MyOwn Community Initiative in Ghana.


As a social and environmental justice advocate, I am committed to fighting for the fair treatment of all individuals and the protection of our environment. I am vying for a Member position of the Board of Directors at RPIRG because social and environmental justice are both important for creating a more equitable and sustainable society. It's time to prioritize people and the planet over profits and politics and serving on the Board of Directors of RPIRG will be a great platform to continue this cause.

Behnam Farzaneh


My name is Behnam Farzaneh. Currently, I am studying Master of Science (M.Sc.) program in the Department of Computer Science since Winter 2022 at the University of Regina (UofR). As a computer science student, I have unique skills that can be leveraged to contribute to RPIRG's mission and goals. With a strong background in technology and data-driven approaches, I am well-equipped to make a valuable contribution to the Board of Directors.

My interest stems from my belief in the importance of using technology to support social and environmental justice. Looking forward, I am excited about the opportunity to use my technical knowledge to support RPIRG's goals.

Whether it's developing more effective data management or analysis strategies, creating more user-friendla digital platforms, or advocating for issues related to technology and data privacy, I am ready to apply my skills to help RPIRG achieve its mission. I am confident that my skills and experiences can contribute to the long-term success and viability of RPIRG.



I am a graduate research student of Computer Science department. Besides that, I love to work in volunteering and student activities.

Babatunde Onikoyi


Babatunde Onikoyi serves as teaching assistant the film department, University of Regina, Canada where he is researching Transnational African Cinema. He has taught Nollywood/African, Transnational and Indigenous Cinemas Screen Media and Postcolonial Studies, Popular culture, Drama and Literature at Kwara State University, and Adeleke University in Nigeria, between 2013 and 2021. He was a Member of Jury of the African International Film Festival and is currently Film Reviews Editor, African Studies Review, the flagship journals of African issues in the United States of America.


He hopes to contribute to the growth and reputation of the RPIRG Board by expanding its aims and objectives-which is to foster and enhance quality research among scholars and students in Regina, and Canada. To help build a strong research structure that all and sundry can gain from. To support the Board in decision making, and also seek support for RPIRG in order to safeguard the culture of research and to contribute meaningfully to its immediate society and beyond.



I, Siddhi Shah, am an international student pursuing education from UofR. I am inclined to organize as well as participate in activities contribute to greater nobble cause. I am looking forward to be a part of RPRIG.

Amin Khorram


Former Director of Grad Engineering Council Committee. Have a background in research, with advanced degrees in the fields of science and engineering. Experienced in developing research strategies, managing research teams, and ensuring that research activities align with the university's goals and objectives. Ability to work closely with departments to ensure that research findings are used effectively to inform decision-making processes. As well as coordinating the events and financing them.