Green Patch Research

Green Patch research projects: In addition to vegetable production, the Green Patch garden is meant to be an educational tool for the University of Regina. One of our focuses is to work in collaboration with faculties, departments, and professors to conduct and promote student research projects centered around topics relevant to the garden.

Fall 2016 Class Research Projects

These class projects were conducted by students from Justice Studies 310 – Food, Hunger and Social Justice, with professor Dr. Gloria DeSantis, PhD, Dept. of Justice Studies, University of Regina.

Problem-Based Learning Case #1 (Socio-economic status and gardening in Canada)

Problem-Based Learning Case #2 (How many servings did the Green Patch produce?)

Problem-Based Learning Case #3 (Worldwide gardening trends: increasing or decreasing?)


Teabag Index 2017 

The Teabag Index is a global research project to measure the decay rate (decomposition rate) in different regions around the world. The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies in collaboration with the Regina Public Interest Research Group (Green Patch), are conducting this experiment in and around Regina. For more information click Teatime 4 Science.

Teabag Index (Poster)

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