Town Hall with University Executives

Town Hall

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan undergraduate students, on average, pay $9,232 annually, representing the second-highest tuition fees nationwide—exceeding the national average by more than 30.5%. The recent University budget forecast, approved by the Board of Governors, shows that tuition fees for graduate and undergraduate students may increase by an additional 4% in 2024/25, making it more unaffordable for students in Saskatchewan.

Due to a lack of sufficient government funding and revenue shortfalls during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University administration has made significant operational changes to bridge the gap between revenue and expenses by recovering income sources, such as international student enrollment. These changes directly affect students, making it imperative for them to be informed about the future trajectory of the university.

Please join us on March 5th at 1:30 pm in the Riddell Centre Multi-purpose room for a student town hall featuring University of Regina Executives, including President Jeff Keshen. This event provides an opportunity for students to engage directly with university leaders and ask questions about various topics such as ongoing tuition hikes; the university's operational objectives; the quality of education; support for students, staff, and faculty; and the overall university experience.

During the town hall, students will have the chance to pose questions directly to the University executives. However, considering the limited time available, it may not be possible for them to address all your questions. To ensure that all concerns are heard, we encourage you to submit your questions or concerns to in advance.  Even if your question cannot be addressed during the town hall, we will compile and present them on your behalf, allowing the university executives to respond either during the event or through alternative communication channels at a later time.