Membership Details

RPIRG is entirely funded and directed by the students at the University of Regina. In March of 2007, students voted in a campus-wide referendum to establish a new fee to the “URSU Related Fees” at the University of Regina. This fee is the membership fee for RPIRG. If you pay fees at the U of R, and haven’t opted out of the RPIRG fee during the designated opt-out period, then you are a voting member of RPIRG.

Student members are able to:

  • Apply for funding
  • Run for the Board of Directors
  • Vote at General Meetings


If you are not a student at the University of Regina anymore, don’t fret! Community members can now opt-in to become an associate RPIRG member to gain access to our funding programs, for $20.00 per year. Please note that as a community member, you will not be able to run for the Board of Directors or have voting power. To become a member, simply fill out our online membership form and then submit your payment.


Each fall and winter semester, every student at the U of R pays a small fee that goes to RPIRG, and every student has the option of opting out of paying this fee, should the student wish to do so. Opting-out means that a student will no longer be eligible to access the benefits listed above.

Students can opt-out at any point during each fall and winter semester – to do so, students must fill in our online opt-out form.

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