What Kind of Research?

Research at RPIRG

RPIRG undertakes various research and action research in the public interest. Many of our Working Groups do action research continually, but we also have a fund dedicated to a partnership with the Community Research Unit on campus, which facilitates action research projects called Community Action Projects.

Community Action Projects are action research projects funded by RPIRG and coordinated through the Community Research Unit in the Faculty of Arts at the U of R. These projects seek to provide students with the resources to undertake a mutually beneficial project with a group in their community. They are not, necessarily, traditional research projects, but stimulate learning and education in much the same way through action instead of observation.

Green Patch research projects: In addition to vegetable production, the Green Patch garden is meant to be an educational tool for the University of Regina. One of our focuses is to work in collaboration with faculties, departments, and professors to conduct and promote student research projects centered around topics relevant to the garden.

In addition to these, RPIRG also maintains an alternative library, containing a variety of books, DVDs, and periodicals for members to borrow. You can check out our selection by either visiting us in the office, or searching our online database.

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