Button Maker Rental

So you want to rent the button maker…

It’s easy – email or call us to book and arrange a pick up time that works best for you! Please include your name, phone number, dates you are looking for, amount of buttons (in batches of 100), and what you are using it for.


  • Member and Working Group price: $10/100 buttons, first 100 free
  • Non-member price (small non profits, grassroots organizers/groups): $10/100 buttons, first 100 free
  • Non-member price (large organizations/institutions, for profit businesses): $10 machine rental and $10/100 buttons

Button Template:

We have a 1.25 inch diameter button maker. Download our basic button template (microsoft word version) here

  1. Paste your image into the word document and change the wrap text settings on it to “tight” – then right click and click “send it back”
  2. Drag the blue circle on top of your image – if your image fits inside, you will be good to go! (included is an RPIRG logo as an example to test with)
  3. If you don’t have a white background (or if the image background is a different colour than the paper you are using), it’s ideal to have at least a .25inch bleed outside the circle. This way, if you don’t cut the circle perfectly evenly, the background colour will still be the same

Other button templates (PDF, AI, PSD formats) can be found here. Be sure to choose the correct size, as shown below:


How to use our button maker:

How to use the rotary cutter to cut out your images

  • Tip: it's best to only cut through one piece of paper at a time.

How to assemble the button pieces and make a button

  • Tip: notice in the video that the base that you put the top pieces into is much more shallow and flat than the base that the backing piece goes into. This is important to avoid the matching being jammed.

How to unjam a button maker

  • Note: the machine itself is not particularly delicate and can handle tapping or hitting it to unjam it. It's a thick hunk of metal.
Button maker machine

Important information to consider:

* We are a non-partisan organization and as such do not rent our button maker (or lend out other resources) to political parties or their candidates/electoral campaigns.

* Please note that we do not create artwork/design buttons for rental groups, and rental does not cover the cost of printing

* Any additional button pieces will be $10 for every 100, and payment can be paid with cash or cheque

* Button Maker must be returned by the agreed upon time – we typically do not rent it out for more than 3-4 days

* Renter will be held liable for any damages/ unreturned equipment

* We reserve the right to exercise discretion about whether or not to charge fees listed above

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