RPIRG COVID19 student and community emergency funding updates

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In order to try to support both student members and the Regina community during our current circumstances, RPIRG has allocated some dedicated COVID19 specific funding.

June 2, 2020 student funding update:

Our initial budget for this fund was quickly depleted, due to high demand, but thanks to a generous donation from the Women’s Centre we have just reopened it to support another 100 students.

In the meantime you can also find a list of other funding options on our resource page below. We’ll be updating it soon with more information about the federal government emergency student benefit program (CESB) as it becomes available. Take care!

For students: we have launched a small-scale immediate needs emergency bursary fund, which will provide $50 per student while funds last. We will not be asking anyone to demonstrate financial need to access this fund, nor will we ask what the funds are being used for. If you are struggling to make ends meet right now, we want to help you!

For more information about this fund including eligibility, and to fill out the request form, please visit https://rpirg.org/funding-2/emergencyfund/

For community members: we have been donating funds directly to mutual aid supports that have been started in response to COVID19, and we will be making further donations to some of our existing community partners that are providing vital food and other resources to people in need at this time.

As we move into our new fiscal year (starting in May), we’ll be reviewing what other funds we can set aside for this and add more when we are able. To this end, we will be looking at changing the criteria for our July 1 2020 funding round, to respond to current needs more specifically. More information about that will be made available in the coming months, but for now the application forms for some of our regular funding round categories will not be available.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our COVID19 resource page to learn more about other funding options and community supports, building a better future after this passes, how you can work in solidarity with others who are struggling right now, and more!

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