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RPIRG Green Patch News & Updates

How can I get involved?

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The RPIRG Green Patch is a 5400 sq ft vegetable garden behind the Dr. John Archer Library at the U of R. It’s a source of sustainable, locally grown organic food – part of a campus movement for community engagement and sustainable development.

Launched on March 28th 2012, it is a response to the need for urban centres to invest in sustainable, locally grown, secure food sources. In May 2019 RPIRG expanded the Green Patch by planting a perennial orchard in an adjacent courtyard, in partnership with the University of Regina.

Each year RPIRG hires a student to act as the Green Patch Coordinator, to maintain the garden, manage volunteers, and do outreach work. The Green Patch intends to achieve six strategic objectives in order to foster student and staff engagement, and to act as a model for sustainable development:

* Educate on horticulture, food security, and healthy eating habits
* Engage students and staff in a community project with positive social impacts
* Produce high quality vegetables for free/low cost
* Enhance the beauty of the campus landscaping
* Value environmental sustainability, responsibility, and diversity
* Support community partners and residents of Regina

What else do we do?

In addition to planting, weeding and watering; there are plenty of other things that happen in and around the garden every year!

The Green Patch Coordinator occasionally sets up workshops or other social events throughout the garden season. To learn more, you can stay tuned to this page, our RPIRG Green Patch Facebook page, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

At the end of every year there is a harvest celebration where volunteers and community members alike, gather to collect the last crops of the season. This is a great time to talk, laugh and eat and celebrate a gardening season well done!

Where does the food go?

When the Green Patch is open for the season, any member of the campus or wider community is free to access any produce that is ready to be picked. We also occasionally do tabling or other outreach to provide produce directly to students. We also donate a lot of our produce to Carmichael Outreach, a local community based organization (CBO) that provides a range of programming that includes preventative measures and harm reduction. We also occasionally donate to other CBOs or initiatives as well.

Volunteers also are given a portion of the crop, as a reward for all their hard work throughout the growing season! One of the great perks to volunteering!

If you have any additional questions about the garden, feel free to email our garden coordinator at garden@rpirg.org

2019 Green Patch Coordinator Tayef in the garden holding some cabbage

RPIRG Green Patch News & Updates

June 23, 2020:
We have had to make some changes to our operations in 2020 due to COVID19. You can find our general operations update here

Green Patch Virtual Tours starting July 1, 2020:

Gardens are an important social hub of understanding food and nutrition, doing physical activities, making social connections within the neighbourhood and boosting mental health. They are an important way for many of us to experience nature and understanding of the value of biodiversity to a resilient world. Access to gardens also inspires many people to start gardening and become a better gardener in future. 

To help flatten the curve of COVID-19, the Green Patch garden is closed to the public this season for the first time in its 9 year history. However, we will still be providing online garden tours. While we recognize that virtual garden tours are not quite the same, we still think they can provide lots of great learning opportunities

If you’d like to book a Green Patch garden tour, they will be available anytime from Monday to Saturday, starting from July 1st, 2020.

You can book using this form

How can I get involved?

Want to help out at the garden? Anyone is welcome! Any amount of dedication is appreciated whether you contribute one hour a month or an hour a day, you will not be turned away! If you are interested in volunteering with the garden, please visit our Facebook page or fill out the sign up form below:

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