Letter of Support for Victoria and Ihuoma

On the anniversary of Victoria and Ihuoma’s entry into sanctuary, there is a call out to write public letters of support for these students. More information about their case can be found here.

March 2013

Letter of Public Support for Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi
From the Regina Public Interest Research Group

We are the board members and staff of the Regina Public Interest Group, a student funded resource centre at the University of Regina committed to social and environmental justice. We are writing to express our support for Victoria Ordu and Ihuoma Amadi, the two Nigerian students from the University of Regina who are facing deportation for unknowingly violating the terms of their student visas.

We support the call for their penalty of deportation to be reconsidered. We believe the sanction, for working two weeks at WalMart without a proper permit, is far too severe, and ask that other common penalties, such as fines or fees, be applied instead.

We join with many other organizations and members of the public in asking for leniency. The University of Regina continues to support these students, as do the sponsors of the students’ scholarship. Politicians from across parties and jurisdictions have spoken publicly in support of the students, including MP Ralph Goodale (Liberal), MLA Bill Boyd (Sask Party), and MLA Cam Broten (NDP). As a non-profit focused on social justice, we support the public in their belief that the students deserve a second chance and the ability to finish their university degrees – which are already more than half completed – because of the positive impact these degrees will have on their future in Nigeria.

We support a just and fair treatment of these two women, commensurate with their transgression.


Naomi Beingessner
Executive Director
On behalf of the Regina Public Interest Research Group
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