Mapping Corporate Power in Saskatchewan: New Report

Have you ever wondered who donates the most money to Saskatchewan’s political parties? And how that might influence decisions?

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, along with RPIRG and the Community Research Unit at the U of R,  have released a new report today.

“Mapping Corporate Power in Saskatchewan” traces the ties between the major corporate contributors to both the Saskatchewan Party and the New Democratic Party, and their links to other corporate interest and advocacy groups. The research demonstrates that Saskatchewan corporations have the networks, the committed leadership, the organization, and the access to government to play a large role in shaping public policy. As record amounts of corporate money flood our political system, Saskatchewan urgently needs a publicly accessible lobbyist registry to let citizens track corporate lobbying. As one of the few provinces that do not currently have a lobbyist registry, Saskatchewan is vulnerable to the perception that corporations have undue influence over both major political parties.

Test your knowledge of corporate influence in Saskatchewan with the interactive quiz.

Read the full report here.


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