2020 RPIRG Board Nominees!

The RPIRG Board of Directors is composed of 8 Student Members of RPIRG. It is the decision-making body of RPIRG, which makes all major decisions regarding finances, long-term goals, long-term viability of the organization, staffing, and funding application approval – all using concensus-based decision making principles.

This year, RPRIG has 10 nominees for the 7 open positions on our Board of Directors.

These candidates will be campaigning between March 2 – March 15 and voting will take place through URSelf-service between March 16-17.

The nominees for the 2020-2021 RPIRG Board of Directors are:

Current Board Members Seeking Election:

Rachel is a third year undergraduate student in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program. She is very involved in many arts and culture events where she works to develop community mechanisms for harm reduction in order to build safer and more supportive communities. Rachel is currently running for her second term on the RPIRG board, and is eager to continue to support student engagement in local and global politics. She is passionate about reforming political systems to represent and reflect the needs and values of young and upcoming generations. *Rachel is a current board member running for her second term with the RPIRG board of Directors.

My name is Noora Ashrafi and I am interested in becoming a board member of RPIRG for the year of 2019-2020.  I am currently in my 4th year of Health Studies and think that becoming part of RPIRG will add to my knowledge of student services and ways I can become more helpful to the student community. There is so much more that can be done in regards to social services in the University, providing a safe space for students, creating more awareness of environmental factors and finding ways to stop harassment, since universities can be one of the largest areas of harassment for students.
*Noora was appointed to the RPIRG board between elections to fill a vacant position, while she has already served on the board this past term, this is her first time running for an elected board position

I am Veerasekar PS and I am pursuing my Masters of Engineering in Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE). My interests are gardening and community services. I am guy who enjoyed my at most happiness while giving things to others and it became my habit now. I am an active volunteer of UR Ambassadors and Green Patch garden run by RPIRG. I would love to join RPRIG and provide my service. I personally think, as students we have lots of power to do anything in this world, together we can fight for the good and provide the good environment for the future.
*Veera was appointed to the RPIRG board between elections to fill a vacant position, while he has already served on the board this past term, this is his first time running for an elected board position

New Nominees:

Asif Ali Rahman is a Ph.D. candidate at the faculty of education of the University of Regina, Canada. He has two prior master’s degrees. An MBA in International Business from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand and an MBA in Management from the University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. His area of interest is human resource development. He aspires to be RPIRG board member because he is interested in human development and social issues. Considering his teaching and training background, he believes he can be effective in teaching/training/mentoring roles.

My Name is Cara Focht. I have recently returned to University of Regina after 3 years off focusing on my mental health. I am currently in Pre-Social Work and will be applying for Social Work in January of 2021. Through my self discovery I have envisioned the person that I want to be, and believe that person is a great candidate for the RPIRG Board. I will no longer be silent or stand on the sidelines when something is said or done that I do not agree with. I wasn’t involved my first go at University and this time I want to do things different. I want to get

involved! I want to be a voice! I want to make a difference!

Mehrdad Safaei is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy at the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina. Previously he finished his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering Control Systems at the Azad University of Najafabad. Mehrdad is particularly interested in the open governance, Artificial Intelligence, data science, application of computational methods for data retrieval and exploratory analysis as well as the impact of digital technology on social inequality and culture. His current research focuses on the generating briefing notes with Natural Language Processing (NLP). He has experience in the Home Automation System, open-source platform. Recently, he participated in SICSS 2019 training.

Ben is a Regina theatre artist and undergraduate student completing his studies in English. He previously completed a certificate in French as a second language at the U of R. An active member of campus, Ben worked for the Carillon as the paper’s news writer, covering a variety of issues with a special interest in national politics, labour relations, and education. Outside of the university, Ben works at the Regina Folk Festival and as an instructor at the Globe Theatre School. Ben enjoys warm patios, breads, and a slow-moving period piece.

My name is Sundus and I am a second year Computer Science student. I enjoy being involved on campus and learning new skills in and outside of school. One way I like to spend my free time by watching a movie with family and friends. I want to join RPIRG to practice thinking about social and environmental issues, as well as broadening my worldview on such topics. I believe that I will bring something new to the table with my knowledge of how technology affects social and environmental issues as well.

My name is Nicole Lerminiaux. I’m a third-year graduate student in Biology and I am passionate about environmental sustainability. My experiences working and volunteering for environmentally conscious and socially oriented non-profits, including the Regina Open Door Society, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and WildResearch, have inspired my interest to get involved with RPIRG. By serving on the RPIRG board, I hope to learn more about social justice movements happening in our community and support their success. I think my experience would be an asset to RPIRG and I would greatly appreciate this opportunity to make a difference on campus.

My name is Prince Anim, a first-year Master of Public Policy student at the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. I believe we all come from different walks of life but we currently face the same environmental issues and social injustices. I am passionate about training and mentoring individuals and communities to inspire social change. I want to join the board of RPIRG to inspire individuals to take action against environmental issues and social injustices.

My name is Parvin Yazdanparast. I have always had a passion for social and environmental causes and that also explains why I decided to switch my major from Bachelor’s of Engineering to Public Policy/ Administration for Master’s; as well as why I decided to join RPIRG! I believe aside from my current studies exposing me to various policy fields that demands using critical thinking to grow opinions, my engineering background also adds a more diverse skill set and perspective to how I approach social and environmental matters. I am very excited to join RPIRG to grow in my journey and hopefully let grow!

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